Our Horses

High Horses - Our horsesOur horses are the foundation of our program. Each horse is carefully screened and selected for its calm, tolerant, and willing temperament. Our horses work hard and are aware of the importance of their work. They are sensitive to the needs of their riders and often demonstrate extraordinary patience. Their loving nature has a calming effect on our riders. Their gentleness encourages a strong bond of trust. Our horses come from a variety of backgrounds. We invite you to stop by and meet some of them.

Why Use Horses to Achieve Our Goals? A horse’s gait closely emulates that of a human. No other modality mimics the walking gait of a human and stimulates virtually every movement system of the body.


Donating a Horse to the High Horses Herd

Working in an equine assisted therapy program is a mentally and physically challenging job for our equine friends. A great therapy horse is sound at the walk, trot and canter, with three rhythmic and balanced gaits. The quality of the horse’s movement is what most benefits the participant.

The horse should be obedient to both voice and leg signals, quiet and well-mannered on the ground and accepting of assistive devices and equipment. The horse must work easily in hand, and tolerate one or two people walking and trotting beside it.

We are always looking for new members to join the herd, and prefer horses who are 18 years old or younger and under 16.2 hands tall, though the need for a larger horse is needed on occasion.

All horses will come to High Horses on a trial basis. 

Information to share in your correspondence would be:

Age of equine, height of equine, a short video of equine being ridden at walk, trot, and canter in both directions. A description of the equines previous career (4-H, show history, trail horse etc…) and any medical history that you know of. 

If you think your horse would be a good fit for our programming, please be in touch with our Equine Manager Caroline Heinbuch at

You can support our horses!

You’ll be surprised at how much pride you can take from providing for the well-being and training of one of our horses!

Current Horses



is a Halflinger cross pony who joined the herd the winter of 2015. Fred has been used on trails and as a backyard pony before he came to us.  His coat color is chestnut and he has a wide blaze on his face. Fred also has a funny little nick on his right ear. Fred has an inquisitive, friendly personality for his 13.2 hand physique. Fred was born in 2002.



Kent’s McNaulty “Mac” is a former event horse who has been at many local shows in our area. Mac has a lot of training in dressage and jumping. Max is a dark dun colored registered Connemara gelding 15.2 hands tall. Mac was born in March of 2002 and came to High Horses in August of 2016.


Sammi is a beloved family pony who has done dressage. She is a brown dun Norwegian Fijord mare and is 13.3 hands tall. Sammi was born in 1999 and came to High Horses in June 2017.


Jack has been an all around horse doing western and English and some jumping. He is a buckskin quarter horse and 15.2 hands tall. Jack was born in 2005 and came to High Horses in June 2017.



Jasper has been a western reining horse traveling to give clinics with his owner. He is a red dun quarter horse and 15 hands tall. Jasper was born in 2008 and came to High Horses in June 2017.


Pal has been a backyard family pony and a lesson pony.  He is a palomino, but he had a few patches of brown. He is a quarter horse/pony cross and is 14 hands.  Pal was born in 2002 and joined High Horses in January 2018.



Lexlin’s Signature Smudge (“Smudge”) is a young horse who was donated to high horses through a gift program to support therapeutic riding programs. She is a young horse and in training still but is expected to join the lesson program in the future. Smudge is a bay Gypsy Vanner horse and is 13.3 hands and still growing. She was born in September 2015 and joined High Horses in May 2018.


Dixie is a former competitive trail and carriage driving horse. She is a grey Percheron/Welsh pony cross mare. She’s 14 hands and was born in 1997. Dixie joined High horses in fall 2018.


is a 16hh Percheron cross, who is aptly named for her unique blue and brown eyes. She was formerly used as a driving horse in Canada, and began her career at High Horses in 2021.


is a 17hh bay warmblood and former show jumper who has been enjoying a quieter life at High Horses since 2021. She is incredibly outgoing and loves attention from people.


is a 17hh Danish Warmblood and former hunter/jumper show horse, lesson horse, and seasoned therapy horse, who is a joy to ride for a wide variety of abilities and levels. She has been with High Horses since 2020.


is a 15.1hh former ranch horse. He joined High Horses in 2020 and immediately took to his new job, quickly becoming a barn favorite.




Retired Horses

Our horses bring great joy and love to many people. When the time comes for each of them to be retired, we are committed to making sure that the retirement years of their lives are safe and in homes where they are treasured and taken care of as we have taken care of them while they were a part of High Horses.



Walhuke Dream (aka Mitch)
Mitch is a former show horse from Massachusetts. He is a bay AQHA registered Quarter Horse gelding and is 15.1 hands high. Mitch was born on February 29, 1992 and came to High Horses in August 2007.

Dudley is a former Western Pleasure horse. He is a liver chestnut Quarter Horse gelding and is 16 hands high. Dudley was born in 1992 and has been with High Horses since April 2004.

Little Big Man (aka Mango)
Mango is a former Dressage lesson pony from Hanover, MA. He is a red roan Welsh pony gelding and is 13.2 hands high. Mango was born in 1996 and has been with High Horses since August 2009.


 Is an Appaloosa mare born in 1997. She has been a dressage horse as well as a therapeutic riding horse at another center. She is a red roan color and is about 15.2 hands. Xena has a very sweet disposition and often nickers when her riders dismount. Xena came to the program in the summer of 2015.

High Horses "Joe"
Little Joe

is a former trail horse. He has done lots of long multi-day trail rides and still loves to go on new adventures. He is a Chestnut with white AQHA quarter horse gelding and is 15 hands high. Little Joe was born in 1995 and came to High Horses in May of 2014.


Buddy is a former lesson horse who has also done farm work in the past. He is a Haflinger gelding and is 14.3 hands high. He was born in 1995 and came to High Horses in May 2011.


Shasta is a 15 hand, Chestnut, Quarter Horse mare of unknown breeding that is estimated  to have been born in 1996. Shasta is still a bit claustrophobic and doesn’t like to be in the cross ties, but enjoys being groomed in her stall or in the aisle if someone is holding her. Shasta has a longish curly coat and really has a lovely free, forward walk. She tracks well and has a wonderfully smooth rotational feel when she is striding out that really gives the rider a good core workout. Shasta came to us from the Hooved Animal Sanctuary in Chelsea, VT in the fall of 2016.



Napoleon has been a lesson and trail horse. Being so small he can only be ridden by the littlest students. He can however, work on the ground with people of all ages and abilities. he is also easy to take places as a great mascot for High Horses. Napoleon is a blue roan miniature horse gelding, 40″ tall. He was born in 2010 and came to High Horses in August 2016. 


Is a 12 year old 15 hand palomino Quarter Horse type gelding. He comes from Connecticut where he was used for a short time in another therapeutic riding program. Bailey joined the High Horses herd in March of 2017.


High Horses "Bart"Bart
Bart is a former trail riding and sleigh pulling horse. He used to pull the “romantic” sleigh for a Vermont resort. He is a dark bay (almost black) Percheron/Canadian warmblood cross gelding and is 15.3 hands high. Bart was born in 1995 and came to High Horses in June of 2014.


Clancy is a former event horse who’s competed up to training level. He is a flea-bitten grey Irish sport horse/Percheron cross and is 17 hands tall. Clancy was born in 2001 and came to High Horses in August 2017.



UVM Worthy is a former competitive driving horse who has competed at the advanced international level. He’s a registered Morgan horse, bred and born at the UVM Morgan horse farm in VT. He’s a dark bay gelding, 15.1 hands and born in 1990. Worthy joined High horses in fall 2018.