Chakra Balancing & Essential Oils for Therapy Horses

Learn to balance the Chakras of the High Horses Equines utilizing Essential Oils and Healing Energy

February 23rd, 2020 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Engaging with lots of people, disputes in the herd, changes in
the environment, and confined living quarters affect the
horses’ energetic balance.
Balancing your horse’s Chakras through healing breath and
essential oils can ease the horse’s digestive tract, calm
nerves, restore zest for life, and will create a deeper
connection between you and your horse.

Join us and restore the health
and wellbeing of the High Horse equines and
Learn how to support your own horses!

Instructors, Volunteers,
Horse Lovers

$ 60 per person
+ get a personalized oil
and pendulum

Auditors: $30

Space Limited!!!

To register please click here

or email:


Nicole Birkholzer , is an equine
advocate, educator, author
and the creator of Mindful
Connections® — a new approach
to horsemanship, where horses
are honored as soul-companions
+ partners.





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