SAGE Begins July 16, 2020

The SAGE Program

The program will encompass experiential learning in the following areas: haltering the horse/pony, using grooming equipment correctly, leading a horse/pony and most importantly, understanding horses and how they communicate their thoughts and emotions through body language.  

  • Other modalities like Yoga, music, aroma therapy, journaling etc… may also be incorporated.

Not only does equine therapy assist chronic illness, but it also benefits cancer survivors by increasing strength and fitness levels. We utilize the power of the horse for regaining strength and a sense of peace. Working on dexterity by using grooming tools to brush the horse with up and down & side to side movements helps clients improve their strength after surgery.  

This program is offered to those dealing with chronic illness and their caregivers/significant others. Class size is limited to 8 participants. Please contact us to register to be included. 

  • Class will run from 4:00-5:30 pm on Thursday’s starting July 16, 2020 & run for 5 consecutive weeks.
  • Participant Application must be filled out completely to participate. Application Form
  • Please sign up each week by 10:00am of Thursday class by emailing – We need to keep track of who will be attending. Thank you.

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