High Horses Programs

Therapeutic Riding Programs

Our programs run year-round at Schleicher Farm at 138 Horse Farm Road, Sharon, Vermont 05065  We offer five distinct programs.


Therapeutic Riding ProgramTherapeutic Horseback Riding

Therapeutic horseback riding is the use of horses, mounted or unmounted, and equine-assisted activities in order to achieve goals that enhance physical, emotional, social, cognitive, behavioral and educational skills for people who have disabilities. Lessons may be private and run for a half hour, or they may be a small group of up to four riders and run for an hour. Therapeutic riding is our largest program. 2021 TR Rider Packet!

Hippotherapy at High HorsesHippotherapy

Hippotherapy is defined by the American Hippotherapy Association, Inc. as a physical, occupational, or speech therapy treatment strategy that utilizes equine movement. Hippotherapy addresses impairments, functional limitations and disabilities in patients with neuromotor and sensory dysfunction. This modality is used as part of an integrated treatment program to achieve functional goals and is prescribed by a physician. 2021 Hippotherapy Rider Packet!

Connections program at High HorsesConnections

Connections is an hour-long session combining equine facilitated activities and experiential learning. The unique relationship formed with the horse can lead to increased trust and self-worth. This relationship can also decrease stress overcome anxiety and relieve depression. It provides the participant with opportunities to enhance self-awareness, to practice adaptive behaviors, to explore thoughts and feelings, and experience support. We offer special programming for Veterans and others involved in healing from crisis situations and trauma.  2021 Connections Rider Packet!

High Horses riding program for VetsOperation Unbridled Freedom

Equine Services for Heroes offers equine assisted programs for veterans for help in dealing with the physical and psychological effects of war and the after effects of their service time. Working with horses can help people with many types of abilities meet and overcome physical, mental and psychological barriers including PTSD. Both our TR program and Operation Unbridled Freedom can be geared for veterans. The VT VA has grants to pay for the 1st 10 visits along with grant money for continuing participants.  2021 Unbridled Freedom Rider Packet!

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Grey Horse Program

The Grey Horse Program is tailored to riders 50 years and over wanting to enjoy horseback riding to increase balance, flexibility and as a form of exercise. Riding quickens reflexes and memory. Horseback riding, utilizes the horse’s variable, repetitive and rhythmic movement to provide a base of support for those senior citizens experiencing balance problems, impaired coordination, decrease of mobility, and poor postural control. As the horse changes gaits, riding trains clients on the subtle muscle control necessary to maintain a stable position in the saddle. It also teaches clients timing, coordination and respiratory control. 2021 Grey Horse Rider Packet!


SAGE Program

SAGE (Sentient, Animals, Giving, Equilibrium)

Our four-legged friends can help to improve social skills and impulse control, reduce anxiety, alleviate depression, lower blood pressure, and improve fine motor skills. Equine therapy has many additional applications, including decreasing isolation and promoting confidence, self-esteem, communication, trust, and spiritual connection. being with horses can prove very beneficial in terms of treating cancer and other chronic illnesses, as it releases endorphins and serotonin, which are known to reduce stress and depression.

The program will encompass experiential learning in the following areas:  haltering the horse/pony, using grooming equipment correctly, leading a horse/pony and most importantly, understanding horses and how they communicate their thoughts and emotions through body language. 

  • Other modalities like Yoga, music, aroma therapy, journaling etc… may also be incorporated.

Not only does equine therapy assist chronic illness, but it also benefits cancer survivors by increasing strength and fitness levels. We utilize the power of the horse for regaining strength and a sense of peace. Working on dexterity by using grooming tools to brush the horse with up and down & side to side movements helps the clients improve their strength after surgery.  

This program is offered to those dealing with chronic illness and their caregivers/significant others. Class size is limited to 6 participants. Please contact us to register to be included.


    • This class is $200. For the full 7 weeks or $30. Per class
    • There are scholarships available, please be in contact for information
    • Rider Application must be filled out completely to participate.  Registration From 


 Collaboration with Safeline

A support group for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking. This is a self-paced interactive women’s group that provides a supportive environment to help build self-confidence. This is an experiential learning experience with the help of horses. You may have the opportunity to ride a horse while being around horses and their care. The day is formatted as a woman’s only safety zone.

This program is open to 10 participants- spots fill quickly.

Contact Safeline 802-685-7900 extension 306 to reserve your participation spot.

The collaboration will be facilitated by:


And staff from High Horses TRP


We require an application packet for all riders and riders must meet with an instructor or therapist before being scheduled to ride.


Our Parent/Caregiver Handbook further describes what we do at High Horses. This handbook details the different programs offered, orients riders and their families to safety precautions, explains equipment used and educates people on the many ways therapeutic riding can impact a participants’ daily life and happiness. The staff at High Horses greatly encourages families and care providers to ask questions and become involved in their rider’s experience.

Depending on the individual needs, a participant may be scheduled for private or group lessons, may ride with either a therapist or a certified instructor, or may be offered a spot in our un-mounted program. High Horses staff and medical consultants are happy to discuss these options with you.

Program fees are paid in-full by the rider, their family or by a combination of payment by social service agencies, school districts or other third parties. Scholarship is available through High Horses. Our maximum scholarship award is 50% of the rider’s fee and is based upon financial need and may vary depending on the demand for our scholarship fund.

Virtual Lessons

High Horses is busy working on offering you virtual lessons so you can learn about horses and riding from the comfort of your home or classroom.

Lesson 1: Yoga for Equestrians

Yoga for Equestrians by Mary Gerikaris and Shari Gliedman-Baker 

Horses are masters at reading body language. Being attuned to our own bodies greatly improves our ability to communicate and partner with the horse, whether we are on the ground or in the saddle.

Yoga for Equestrians